Cooper Rowlands – At the ITF tournament in June

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Cooper Rowlands – At the ITF tournament in June

At the beginning of June, I played an ITF tournament in Jingshan. I arrived at the

tournament on the 1st of June to register. The qualifying rounds were supposed to start the

next day but for reasons Iʼm not aware of, they delayed it to the 3rd of June.


The first round started at 11:00 AM. It said on the ITF website that my opponent for the

match was 14 years old, but when I saw him on the day, he clearly looks older. According to

my coach this isnʼt unusual in Chinese junior tennis. My game plan for the match was to try

to move my opponent around as much as possible with my forehand, either causing him to

miss or to hit a short ball that I can come to the net off of. Unfortunately, this strategy

wasnʼt effective at all because he was in control of most of the rallies and making me run

around instead of him. I quickly lost the first set 6-1. The second set started well for me

with winning 2 games and my opponent was even getting frustrated with the way the set was

going. This didnʼt last long though and I lost every game after that. I lost the match 6-1,



Cooper Rowlands playing tennis

The only games I won that match I won almost entirely because of my serve and my opponent missing his returns. I considered serving and volleying to avoid hitting groundstrokes with him on the baseline but decided not to. Iʼve practiced serve and volley for some time now and the next tournament I play I plan on serving and volleying as my game plan.


Cooper Rowlands wrapping up his tennis game

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